Saturday, April 10, 2010

Always & Never Chapter 15 Edward Post Interview

by Bostongirl1212

As you may or may not know, I have been giving Edward, a.k.a Textward, a.k.a. JMF, the cold shoulder after the little “tease ‘em and leave ‘em” stunt he pulled on me at the end of the last interview.

If you follow us on Twitter, you know that we sort of had it out last week. He said some things, I said some things. I sent some incriminating pictures to him, he sent some incriminating pictures to me. I may or may not have lied to him about having a “shoe shopping” date with Riley. I know, I know, but I was trying to make him jealous…he is The Jealous Mother Fucker after all!

Anywoo, after it was all said and done, he apologized, I accepted. There may or may not have been Twitter nuzzling and some, through the jeans, peen rubbing…that we most definitely will not tell B-Girl about, but all seemed well.

He said he would to try to get out of B-Girls office that night so we could do a little “make-up shoe shopping” but he never made it. He said B-Girl had him busy writing or...doing other things *rolls eyes*…Whatever!

So, I’m back to being the bitter old, shoe/hair hoor you know I am. I can’t say I’m exactly excited about the interview today. Since things are all sunshine and fucking freesia with Bella right now, I doubt he’ll be in the mood to let JMF come out and play with me. But you know I can't resist that sexy man so I’ll give it a shot anyway. Can’t blame girl for trying, right?! *shrugs*

Krysti: *unbuttons top button of her blouse just before he walks into her office* Hello, Edward. Thank you for coming by today *uses her flirty voice*

Edward: *walks through the door, twisting lollipop in his mouth, walks up to Krysti’s desk, eyes fall to her cleavage, gawks at her boobs* Uh huh, I’m fine

Krysti: *pushes chest forward slightly, a coy smile across her lips* Well, I’m glad to hear that Edward, but I didn’t ask you how you were doing? *grins up at him*
Edward: *slowly raises eyes from Krysti’s chest, meeting her gaze, smirks, raises eyebrow* Sorry, it’s great to see you, Krys’ *glances back down to her chest and quickly back up to her eyes*  
Krysti: *peeks up at him through her lashes and then down to the bulge in his jeans that’s practically at eye level* It’s really great to see you to, Sweety. Do you want to…*looks back down at the bulge, takes a deep breath* …have a seat?  
Edward: *catches Krysti looking, palms dick* Sure, Krys’ *smirks, flops down in chair, twists lollipop around in his mouth* Now that you have me here…*cocks a suggestive eyebrow, chuckles*  

Krysti: *licks lips, inhales deeply smelling the cinnamon in the air* Yeah, uh, now that I have you…here, we should, I uh, should, ask you something. Like uh… So, yeah, how are things? *shakes head trying to compose herself*

Edward: *chuckles* You alright, Krys’?  

Krysti: *closes eyes for a quick moment* Yep, yep, I’m…uh, good. You’re…really good. *gasps, correcting herself* I mean I…I am really good. *huffs* Damn you and those lollipops, Edward. Ok, so you talked to Bella this week, right?

Edward: *chuckles, looking amused, twisting lollipop in mouth again* Yes, Krys’.

Krysti: *looks down trying to focus* I heard things went well? Were you surprised that she was already sort of aware of JMF?

Edward: *pulls lollipop out of his mouth, lick lips, nodding* Fuck yes, I was. Maybe I don’t give Bella enough credit *shrugs* She is much more perceptive than I ever could have imagined.

Krysti: *looks up at him with a serious look on her face* You didn’t tell her everything though, Edward. Some people might feel that an omission is the same as a lie. Do you feel like you’re lying by not telling her everything? *raises eyebrows*

Edward: *swallows thickly, looks irritated* I didn’t want to bombard the girl, Krys’, and some things are pretty fucking hard to talk about. I know she deserves to know and I will fucking tell her *pauses* soon.

Krysti: *raises a skeptical eyebrow* What if she doesn’t take the other part as well as she took the JMF part? Are you worried about that?

Edward: *leans back, raking hands through hair* Fuuuuck, Krys’, I really hope she fucking understands. I mean it wasn’t even my fault. I’m the one who got fucked over. I just hope she doesn’t think badly of me.

Krysti: *nods, leans forward resting her elbows on the desk, grinning* Now that Bella knows about JMF, are you going to let her see more of that side of you? She sort of acted like she wants to see him. Do you think that means she has a hidden…freaky side? *wags eyebrows* 

Edward: *groans, adjust self in chair* Krys’ what the fuck are you tryin’ to do to me? Do you think… I mean… do you really…think… she could… *smirks* she did kind say she fucking wanted to see more of him, huh? I just don’t know if I can control myself and I don’t think that would be wise just yet *adjusts self* Unless she makes it clear that she comfortable, *shrugs* I don’t know Krys’ I just don’t want to fuck up with her again?

Krysti: *bites bottom lip, mumbles under her breath* I know I’d sure like to see some JMF *takes a deep breath* Anyway, I noticed that you were paying a lot of attention to the necklace she is wearing. Why didn’t you just ask her about it? Are you going to ask her or what?

Edward: *lets out a frustrated breath* I guess I’m going to have to ask her about it. Before JMF rips it off her fucking neck. It obviously means a fucking lot to her and I want to know who the fuck her gave it to her because I know it wasn’t me. *looks up at Krysti, worried* Do you think I should buy her some fucking jewelry.

Krysti: *sits up a little taller* Well, all girls like jewelry, Edward. I know I love getting jewelry and Christmas is right around the corner. *smiles, narrowing eyes* So, if you’re planning on doing any Black Friday shopping, my ring size is a 7. *holds hand up, wiggling fingers towards him, laughing*

Edward: *chuckles lightly* Are you sure you want me to go jewelry shopping for you or would you rather go shoe shopping? *smirks, winks*

Krysti: *bites bottom lip, shakes head* I think you already know the answer to that question. *narrows eyes, points at him* You are such a tease and I swear you’re not going to dazzle me into being teased and left…again. You’ve already done that to me twice in the last two weeks. I am still mad at you over it by the way.
Edward: *frowns eyebrows, gets up walking around to Krysti’s side of the desk, pulls her up by her hand, pulling lollipop from his mouth and slowly pushes it between her lips. Hugs her, squeezing her tightly, whispering in her ear* I’m here now. *slowly drags nose along her earlobe, whispers* Can you taste me? *bites down gently on her neck* I have no place to else to be tonight. *leans back slightly looks into her eyes* What do you say we go shoe shopping right now?
Krysti: *sucks down hard on lollipop, stares into his eyes with a dazzled look on her face, nods head, pulls lollipop out of her mouth* Yes, shoe shopping sound really good *leans in pressing her chest against his, twirls tongue around lollipop then whispers* I think maybe I should buy YOU a pair of shoes this week. How does that sound? *licks lips, slides lollipop back into his mouth* let me just get my purse. *grabs his hand tightly, preventing him from leaving without her whiles she grabs her purse* Ok, I’m ready.
Happy Birthday Bestie! We love you hard!

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itsjustme1217 said...

*stamps foot* I'm jealous!
I still love you though.

*Stoli_Princess* said...

damn the JMF/Textward gets me everytime! love that man with his cocky ass attitude!!! cant wait till next chappy, *evil laugh*
Tahnks for the love besties!!! love yall harder then you know! XOXOXOXOXO

~*savanablue*~ said...

*throws hands in the air* dis-fucking-like *frowns* He won't even go "shoe shopping" with me and I am currently wearing JMF on my body. Dammit JMF not happy with you right now...asshole. Mega love to you though Krys...have a good time *winks*

Brina said...

AWWWWW, I love you guys!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for everything, having all of you in my life has made my life richer with love, happiness, Robporn, friendship, and DrunkTweets!!Who could ask for anything more?!?! Long Live the Twilight Mafia!! Where are slogan is "To punish and enslave Rob Pattinson & Kellan Lutz" bawhahahaha

Oh shit I am suppose to be comment on this interview, hmmmmmm, Krys is a dirty hair hoor who always tease us. She NEVE feels us in on the detais of the "shoe shopping"

But I love the bitch!!

*Stoli_Princess* said...

wooot wooooot Twiligh Mafia!!!

luvtwilight72 said...

damn,I wish I had that lollipop!! lol great interview! I like JMF/textward's cocky attitude, so sexy, Bella seems to like it alittle too! What is up with shoe shopping, details??? we are so deprived.

nextstopsf said...

Damn - I agree with Brina-- wtf on the "shoe shopping"- we want deets bitch!! LMAO!! Twilight Mafia till the end of days! ROFL!
Thanks for the love!! Love my besites and JMF of course!! Always & Never ...always!! XO

Bouncy72 said...

All twitters ladies added. *wink*
Ung...I've imported large shipping of cinamin lollipops. I heard that "sharing is caring" so I thought I'd be totally self-less & get Edward to come over here & we can share too. ;P

Love you guys ♥

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