Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Only 23 shopping days left until......

So, what are you going to buy him?

I’m still on the fence.
I'm fairly certain Rob isn’t a materialistic sort of guy,
judging by the lack of wardrobe splurges…

So, I was thinking of maybe one of those sentimental handmade gifts that are truly from the heart
You know, like a hand decorated box filled with sexual favor coupons.
That would be thoughtful, right?

What about a new travel sewing kit? You never know when the Frankenpants will bust a seem.
I bet if he would have had one during the Remember Me press tour,
he wouldn’t have been on the Today Show with a ripped jacket.
He could have whip-stitched that sleeve with his trusty blue thread and saved himself a lot of embarrassment.

Bostongirl is thinking of buying him this shirt because well…
we all know about Rob’s oral fixation....
and incase you didn’t know “wicked” is totally a BOSTON term.
It’s totally fitting because Rob is always biting his lips, licking his lips, gnawing his fingers,
smoking, chewing straws, etc.
But now that I think about watching him do it, really makes me want to bite and lick his lips, gnaw his long fingers, do a little smoking and chewing his…straw! Hey B-girl can you buy me one of those shirts that says

But then with new recent rumors by a certain anonymous, tweeting, psycho penguin…
Bostongirl and I are leaning more toward the Man Whore Overnight Kit.
I mean it I guess buying someone something they are sure to use, is always WIN, right?
MORE birthday gift ideas after the HUMP...JUMP. LICK  CLICK here... (hehehe I said hump and lick must be a Wednesday)

Here are a couple more gifts we think Rob would like for his birthday,
incase you're still not sure what to get him...

Because the “Invisible Beanie” and Raybans just aren’t the disguise they used to be.
They’re actually more like homing beacons nowadays…

What about a Stoli Vodka lighter?
A handy accessory to pair with his FrankenStoli shirt …
 if he ever pulls it out of that box of dirty clothes in the corner of his hotel room…

If we're going to give him a Stoli lighter I guess we should throw in a bottle of Stoli to go with because...well,
Drunk Rob is really yum-a-licious!
...that pervy finger thing he does is pretty hot too!

And a travel shaving kit, because you all know how I feel about too much scruff.
And this one is deluxe edition that comes with hair gel to help achieve the perfect sex hair
and Speed Stick…because frankly, pits tend to get musty under that many
layers of shirts and jackets.

So, what are you going to buy Rob for his birthday?

Tell me what you think the perfect birthday gift would be...
and I don't want to hear about how you'll ride him like a show pony 
or how you will lick him like an all day lollipop!

I know all of you have very ACTIVE IMAGINATIONS!

Send me pics of what you’re going to buy him.
I really want to see what you crazy bitches come up with!
If you're unable to post your pic’s in the comments below you can email it to me at and I will post them in a later blog post closer to Rob’s birthday.

Hugs and Loves! K



nextstopsf said...

I so want to be part of the manwhore gift - both the giving and the receiving! js
mmmm what to give Rob...I can think of several things ....

Bostongirl1212 said...

I dont care what you say after the "Manwhore over night kit" and the "Wicked" T-Shirt I am going to lick his face... YES I SAID IT LICK HIS FACE.. Wait maybe that would something more for me than him huh? LMAO!

*Stoli_Princess* said...

im all for the *manwhore overnight kit* with the added shaving kit cause yes he needs to keep up with the sex hair! LOL i would make him a gift bag with heinis,and smokes cause hes #fuckhawt when he smokes and it goes well with the stoli too!

*Stoli_Princess* said...

we need to set up a donation box for all these goodies and bundle them up and send them to him! LOL

aimleslydreamin said...

Besides myself naked with a big red bow? Ummm a supply of hot pockets, a pair of skinny jeans becuz i want to see some more of his package and a bucket of hair gel because that couldnt happen by itself

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