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I gave you a list of items that I thought youd be great bday gift ideas for our darling birthday boy!
At the end of that post, I sent out a call to my readers and theTweeter babes
asking them what they would buy Rob for his 24th birthday
 if you could buy him anything in the world!

My awesome readers answered the call and here's what you said you would buy him!

Bouncy72 said:
I just thought with this Knitted Willie Warmer,
it would keep the goods warm & he wouldn't have to worry about shrinkage
when the weather is FREEZING!
P.S. How unfair is it of u to say no sexual favors!
 I'm sure I could give him a day of total enjoyment.

FashionistaJR said:
  I'd give him a BMW M3 Convertible. Then I'd be the passenger in it
and take him to his bday dinner!

 2Fantabulous said:
The Naughty Gift!
I would buy him a Vegas lapdance & a really good fuck
so he can finally forget about & dump K-Stew

The Nice Gift:
I'd buy Rob Pattz a new movie prod co or just buyout Scummit
so that the actors get the treatment & credit they deserve.
 A new movie production company will be able to properly create BD.

Closet Kitty Said:

Well I think a 'personal dresser' would be the perfect gift-(stylist is too fancy of a term for our Rob).
 It is the gift that keeps on GIVING!
I would promise to dress him and maintain his hobolicious style guaranteeing no mishaps (like the nightmare that was the BAFTA award show. Because the 'just fucked hair' is an essential part of any hobolicious look- and that BFTA hair was not fucking it!
For a year- I would also provide a memorable 'dressing experience' with each outfit.
 It will require a lot of sacrifice on my part and my families, but I am willing take one for Team Closet Kitty!! (Squeal - a new meaning to the term closet kitty-score)
ALL in the name of… it is better to give than receive......
And of course if it works out, I am sure I could work it out to repeat the gift for the 25th bday!
Again all in the name of, better to give ....

LaughingTwiGirl Said:
Lame...I know...But he needs it! LOL!!


Anonymous Said:
A camera with a bright flash so he can get revenge on the Paparazzi

PurpleBrina17 HAS A BIG LONG LIST:


1. Tux tshirt - cause he goes somewhere nice with Kstew, he can dress up!
2. Hello my name is - cause it's damn funny, I can only image how many times he has been called that

3. It's Offical - cause this what most of the TwiMafia hopes for (except the Naughty Hair Hoor)


Every bottle of Stoli cause I am not sure of his favorite flavor and we all KNOW how he LOVES his Stoli. And you gotta drink Stoli out of something so why not ice cube shot glasses.

And finally, I will give Rob......myself. Cause who doesn't what a 33yr old, single mom, with a jacked up arm tattoo and sucks dick like a pornstar. SCORE!!
(yes...our bestie is a Rob-hoor...but we love her anyway!)


Brina said...

*opens TwiMafia Rules book and reads out loud*
Rule #1. Must be a Rob-hoor

So If I am one so are YOU, NaughtyHairHoor!!!

Looking at the pic of myself showing of my tongue skills (i know your jealous), I can't help but laugh at my Rob calender on my wall(thanks twin) and my Edward Cullen lunch box (don't hate) on top of my TV stand. Hahahahahahaha

Happy Birthday Rob, we are coming for you in


*Stoli_Princess* said...

First of all im complete FAIL for not sending in a entry, but there is NO WAY that i would be able to come up with such brilian ideas and these!
Second OMFG my besties are such PERVY hOOrs! LOL *Closet Kitty* yeah we know who u are, hahahah and i know u would dress him up and out any time you could! and Twin, HAHAHAHAHAH im glad you are the funny one! that was pure BRILIANCE!!! lmaooo not only did u get him good clothes advice, but u bringing him ME Too!! awwwww*hugs* i will do him prouDLY! lmaooooo LOVE YOU BESTIES! #HAPPYBDAY_ROB!!!! XOXOXOXXOO ~Stoli~

nextstopsf said...

Well ... I really like closet kitty's gifts and I am sure she could work in the wonderful tees that brina is giving!!! The tux tee will be a big hit - many opportunities to wear it and get it good and worn in like the Classic orginal stoli tee we all love!!
And yes I, along with my alter "closet kitty" am coming with my besties for you Rob! It will be something none of us, including you, will ever forget...and not because you will be scared for your life... but because we are some cool ass chicks that like to have a good time drinkin and talkin' shit...LOL!!!
Seriously, I adore Rob in ways that I shouldn't but can't seem to help- so I hope he has the best fucking birthday day EVER!! I am just happy he is getting older...never mind that I am too...LOL!!!

HungryVampire said...

Totes Hilarious!! You have outdone yourselves!!! Pure awesomeness...Brina, you are fucking hilarious!

Bouncy72 said...

Lol, I loved the day off for him, Hell he really DOES need that.
You guys are brilliant. Great idea for a post Krys
lol, doesn't it feel a tiny % less pervy when he turns a year older... *grin* well I don't care, but hopefully I'll stop getting such abuse from family & friends :P
pretty sure that's just wishful thinking though *sighs*

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