Sunday, August 1, 2010

ALWAYS & NEVER Chapter 17 & 18 Interviews

So… I’m sure you’re all wondering why there wasn’t an interview for Chapter 17 and 18, right?

Well, I think it will be easier to explain if I just show you the texts! That will allow me to post Robmusements awesome banners as well. We definitely don;t want those things to go to waste. She works too hard on them an does an amazing job I might add!

Day of Chapter 17 interview:

Krysti: Edward, are you still coming? I thought we were meeting at 1:00? You’re late.

24 minutes later…

Edward: Something came up. I can’t come.

Krysti: I can make you cum! *wink* Seriously though, we had an appointment. Get your hot little ass over here. I’ve been waiting for an hour dickhead.

32 minutes later…

Edward: Sorry Krys. I just can’t today.

Krysti: When then? All this talk about cumming has given me the sudden urge to go shoe shopping! ;-P

I never received an answer! Asshole!

The Day of Chapter 18 Interview:

Krysti: Please tell me you aren’t going to stand me up again this week. Where are you?

No answer….

Krysti: Helllloooo… can you at least answer me so I know if I should wait for you or not?
No answer….

Krysti: OMG… are you fucking ignoring me? Listen you inconsiderate little jerk… I’m not going to sit here all fucking day waiting for you while you just… do whatever…or whomever it is that you’re doing!
No answer…

Krysti: Ok, if you just text me and let me know what time you’re available I can meet you here… or where ever you want to meet. Just let me know… I’ll have my phone. Or you can just call me, or text me.

No answer…

Krysti: Alright that’s it! I’ve been here all fucking day waiting for your ass! I’m calling B-Girl! Jerk!

If he thinks he can just blow me off and I will just stand here and deal with it. Just because he has that fuckhawt smile and that beautifully, fistable sex hair and that big, hard, lickable…
Well, ok so maybe he can but you know what I’m sayin’…

So, as you can see I did what I could but I just couldn’t get him in here. B-Girl called him, of course he always answers her calls… asshole! But in the end she took his side and gave him a break since he was "going through a really rough time right now"! Whatever! But she did make him promise to show up this week. And if he “promised” her… he will definitely be here.

Chapter 18 should be up posted on by tomorrow evening and the interview should be up no later than Tuesday long as he shows up!


Bostongirl1212 said...

Krysti, dont worry I will personally kick some ass if he doesnt show this time. I made it very clear he is to NEVER ignore your text, phone calls, emails, etc.

I will be in my office if you need anything :)\

Luv ya girlie!

Brina said...

I don't if I should be mad at you or him for this tease??????

Respect the TwiMafia.........

Bouncy72 said...

Oooo Krys I would be fuming too. I think next time you see him you grab a handful of that hair & yank till his eyes start to water!!
How RUDE ignoring you like that. *Huffs* After all that shoe shopping you've done with him...

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