Sunday, November 1, 2009

Always & Never CHAPTER 3 TEASER

Always Accept ~ Never Reject

This story is getting hotter by the second. So far, we know Bella and Edward are best friends but she is in mad fucking love with him but won't tell him. Bella is leaving soon to go visit her mom in AZ for the rest of the summer. The Cullens throw a, heavy on the alcohol, going away party for her at the beach where Tanya (the strawberry blonde whore) makes a dumb bitch comment about calling him Eddie while he cums...damn I hate that bitch! When Edward tries to keep Bella from walking away with Jacob he yells, "Bella, fuck her don't let her ruin our night!" Bella, in true drunk smartass form yells back, " No Eddie, you brought her, you fuck her!" LMFAO!! I swear it made me want to go buy a "Bella is my homegirl" shirt!

Anyway, as the story goes on Bella decides to piss off Edward further by doing a little dirty dancing with Jacob leaving Jacob hard on and Edward hard up. Edward takes Bella to a secluded area on the beach and gets all kissy and nibbly on her. When he realizes she wants to do the horizontal tango with him, he suggests they go back to his place where "NO ONE" is home....oh damn....I feel some lemony goodness coming our way fellow fanfic pervs!! This is the teaser Bostongirl sent to help wet your.....panties....I mean...appetite for Chapter 3!

Always & Never
Chapter 3

“Holyfuckingshit! Bella!” Edward practically whimpered, as his head slammed back into his headrest.

I sucked one more time, hard and long, massaging his finger with my tongue, before releasing him from my mouth.

“What the fuck B? You’re going to get us killed if you keep doing shit like that!” His eyes where shooting back and forth between me and the road.

I smirked at him, “Really Edward, after all the rumors I’ve heard, I never figured you to be so prude?”

Edwards emerald green eyes clouded with lust as he narrowed them at me. “You really shouldn’t have said that.” His voice was laced with intent.... the wise words of Edward Cullen..."HOLYFUCKINGSHIT"...gimme' more Bostongirl...please, please gimme' more....I want to know how Edward is about to prove he's not a prude!!

Whew, that was pretty hot gals. Believe me, you don't want to miss chapter 3 of Always & Never. It will post on Tuesday so be looking for it! And don't forget to leave a question for Edward in your chapter 3 review because I just might use it in the post chapter interview. Damn, I love doing those interviews!


HungryVampire said...

Oh the total anticipation... Ugh! I look forward to getting past the foreplay!

bouncy72 said...

Oh my word, lol that was so not enough...gah, now we're left hanging till tomorrow...eek I'm counting down the minutes now *grin*.
Lol I'm guessing with the lollipops always rolling around in his mouth that he's going to have one pretty talented tongue *blushes* I so can't wait for this chapter.
The only thing that I'm still not looking forward to is that it's going to get so fucking complicated for them after this *sigh*. Still I'm going to file that thought away & try & live in the moment.
(Oh & I really love this blogs layout & colours & the always great pics of Rob....I mean Edward. *grin*)

Brina said...

Hot Damn, I thought for a second there she was giving him roadhead.HAHAHA I wish i could gave Rob, I mean Edward, UGGGH, wait Edward is 17 right? *grins* maybe I could teach him a thang or 4. LOL

Sorry, Ok, I will be good now. I can't wait for the next Chapter.

bouncy72 said...

Hehehe I thought the same as Brina, was pretty sure in that first line she was giving him head. And gosh it it so hard remembering the the guy is only bloody 17 (gosh having a flashback to "Art after 5" & the age thing)...*sigh*
*shakes head, & comes back to earth* lol, well at least you could "teach him a thing or 4" lol good call Brina ;)

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