Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Confessional Part 2: FANFIC ADDITION

Every week, I send a "Sunday Confessional" question to several friends asking them to confess their deepest darkest sins and/or desires to "An Unhealthy Addiction" so I can post them for all the world to see. This weeks question was the following "what if" lust and fornication scenario:

You're in a crowd of 5000 people. Rob is going to pick one person to take up to his hotel room.
How do YOU get his attention?

 This is the answer you get when you ask a fanfic writer:

How would I get Rob's attention? Been there, done that and this is how it went down……

I stood there leaning against the bar, sipping my martini, and sizing up my competition. Honestly? I didn’t have any. And as for Rob? Well that poor guy doesn’t even know what he is in for.

Standing there wearing my favorite LBD (little black dress) that flaunted all my assets. I was clearly showing more than enough cleavage, because the way that fucking bar tender was looking at me, he should’ve been arrested.

Show time! Rob walked out looking like he just rolled out of bed or off the cover from GQ magazine, take your pick ladies. Either way, that man oozed sex!

Will I rush the stage like the others? Screaming and making a fool of myself? No way. Not me. Fuck that.

Some time passed as he made his way threw the endless herd of crazy bitches, doing everything to get his attention. They were offering him everything from buying him a drink to straight up sex. And what do I do? NOTHING! I stood there drinking my martini.

Our eyes met. He smiled and I smirked with an eye roll and toss of my hair. I turned around to grab a cigarette. I pulled one out and just as it reaches my lips I heard the match strike and smelled the sulfur. The match was lit waiting for me. It was Rob. This should be interesting.

I turned and leaned into him allowing him to light my cigarette. I inhaled deeply watching the end of my cigarette ignite. I looked up at Rob through my eye lashes, but our eyes didn’t meet. Oh no his eyes are too busy assaulting my tits.

“See something you like Rob?” I questioned with a smirk

He said nothing. He dragged his eyes to meet mine with a smirk of his own. I picked up my Martini and licked my lips watching Robs eyes shoot from my eyes to my mouth. I took a sip, licking my lips again, tasting the salt from the olives. He instinctively licks his, never pulling his eyes from my mouth.

“You have quite the decision to make tonight Rob” I stated cockier than I should have. But fuck it. What did I have to lose?

“That I do.” He smirked, leaning in much closer than I ever expected. He whispered “What are you going to do to impress me?”

He thinks he so fucking smooth. You have met your match Rob.

Before he could step back, I fisted my hand into his hair at the nape of his neck and pulled him even closer

“I’m already doing it, or you wouldn’t be standing here. Am I correct?” I whispered with the utmost confidence, biting his earlobe slightly before releasing him.

“I-I have to give the others their fair share of my time too,” he admitted apprehensively

“By all means.” I waved him off to tend to his groupies.

His eyes raked over my body one last time and with one last smirk he disappeared into the sea of women behind him.

A short while later I saw Rob slip into the bathroom. I had just about enough of this shit. Game on. It was time to make my move. I slipped into the bathroom behind him unnoticed. I locked the door and waited for him he was standing at the sink when I decided to make myself noticed.

“Rob?” I said more breathy then I had original intended.

He froze at first, our eyes meeting in the mirror. He slowly turned around as I sauntered over towards him and put my hand on his shoulder, slowly sliding it down to meet his hand.

"Rob, honestly," I said, shaking my head replicating disappointment. "Please enlighten me as to why you are wasting your time with all of the foolishness out there?”

I took his hand and slowly slid it up my thigh stopping at my hip. He impulsively tightened his grip on my hip and pulled me to him. My heart was racing but I gave away nothing. I had to stay calm for this fa├žade to work.

“Rob I really hope you make the right choice tonight and I really hope your choice would be willing to do this...”

I unzipped his pants and reached it. Just as I expected, he was rock hard. I stroked him once over his underwear. His breathing was jagged and his eyes rolled back into his head. I unbuttoned his pants and slipped them down along with his boxers, releasing his huge erection.

I leaned in and whispered to him,”…and I really fucking hope for your sake, Rob, your choice will do this.”

I dropped to my knees, circling his tip with my tongue. I sucked on it gently wrapping my lips around it slowly taking him fully into my mouth, while I stroked what was left of him.

“Oh fuck” Rob cried as his hands fisted into my hair and his head flew back in ecstasy.

I continued my manipulations for several minutes, willing him to cum. Just as Rob’s erection was about to explode, I released him from my mouth. His head snapped down to look at me. He looked like a lost puppy. I got up, righting myself and tucking him back into his pants. Confusion, clearly the only thought running through him mind.

I left him standing there bewildered, horny and with the worst case of blue balls in history. I went to the mirror fixing my hair and applied fresh lip-gloss.

Rob finally made his way over to me. “What the fuck was that?!” He was obviously shocked and sounded as if he was still out of breath.

“A preview,” I winked at him in the mirror.

“A preview of what?” He asked, clearly not getting my point.

I turned around and closed the distance between us. I kissed him once softly on the lips.

Leaving my lips ghosting on his, I whispered, “Make your choice and find out.” With one more chaste kiss, I walked out of the bathroom.

I didn’t even make it two steps out the door when I felt him behind me grabbing my arm, pulling me into him. My back slammed against his chest.

I whipped my head around and before I could even speak Rob growled in my ear, “We are getting the fuck out of here, NOW.”

I smirked as Rob practically dragged me threw the parking lot heading straight to his limo..... And THAT ladies, is how you get Rob to pick YOU out of 5000 others. *smirks*

This kickass piece was written by my bestie Bostongirl, who is currently writing an AWESOME fanfic called Always & Never. It is an AMAZING story and you all know that's saying a lot coming from me because I'm a fanfic addict and a critical bitch. It's going be posted on VERY soon. You're definitely going to see a lot of features for Bostongirl's fanfic here on "An Unhealthy Addiction" because I LOVE it and I know you will too. Be watching for more details for Always & Never by Bostongirl on this blog and on


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As sooon as i read that first line i knew that was Besties writing!! LOVEEE HER!! Im so excited to read her FF in Full!!! EEK!! XOXO .. amanda *Stoli*

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Woo-fucking-whooo!! Loved that is how you get it done!! LOL I can't wait to see the story from Bostongirl. ;)

Alison4828 said...

Holy Fuckballs! That is all...

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LMAO if only it were that easy...Great story, lol.

Brina said...

WOW, i really liked it. i wanna know the rest if the story.....hello blueballs, lol

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