Sunday, September 27, 2009

Help! I'm Addicted to Fanfic!

"Hello. My name is Krysti and I am a fanfic-aholic!"

A few weeks ago, I was chillin' on Twitter, chattin' up a few tweeps and I started seeing all of these tweets about "fanfic". Fanfic? WTF is fanfic? I lurked around a little and found out that fanfics are stories written by fans using the Twi characters. (Ok, I'm a little slow...but I'm new to this fandom shit!)

To be totally honest, my first thought was..."Whatev, ya' losers! Somebody needs to get life! Why in the hell would you want to re-write Twilight?" (WAIT! HOLD ON! Don't send me hate mail yet....keep reading. This is going to be good!)

So, the more I lurked around, the more I started to realize how many tweeple were actually reading these fanfics. People were gushing over how freakin' awesome these things were and they were "dying" for "updates". Now I was really intrigued!

A couple days later I see a "fanfic" tweet from one of the Twitter gals I follow. I decided to casually ask her about it to try to get some more deets without committing to the idea just yet.

My Tweet: @Bostonsgirl1212 Hey I heard that some of the fanfics are pretty good. Thinking about reading one. Suggestions?
From @Bostongirl1212: @Krystih YES! Your first fanfic should be Wide Awake by Angstgoddess003! You will love it!

With much skepticism, anticipation and bated breath, my fanfic cherry was popped at 8:30pm that night. I was lost in fanfic ecstasy until 2:30am that morning. That was it...I WAS HOOKED! Over the next three days it was like a Twilight addiction relapse. I didn't want to do anything but read Wide Awake. I was on a full blown binger! I couldn't get enough of it.

It almost felt like being reunited with a long lost lover but even better because this definitely wasn't your 12 year old daughters Bella and Edward. Edward isn't even vampire in this story. He was now a sexy, badass, leather jacket wearing,  F-bomb dropping, sex magnet! Bella was a head f*cked, cookie baking, emotional basket case with a fear of men after being tortured by...get this....PHIL! WTF?


Like all that wasn't enough...this time around there's SEX! I'm talking full on Edward Cullen, Bella Swan SEXUAL relations. The Eclipse "leg hitch" ain't got nuthin' on this shit! I'm talking blow jobs, finger strokin', nipple biting...and unicorns...OMG the unicorns! Trust! Just read it!

Over the next three days I laughed, cried, loved and ached through all 52 chapters. I just couldn't put it down. I was like a heroin addict that couldn't seem to keep the needle out of my arm. When I got to the last chapter I was so sad that it was going to be over, I almost didn't want to read it. But of course I did and it was bitter sweet closure. It was as if somehow I became a better Twi-fan because of it.

The realization came quickly that I had become a fanfic junkie! Within seconds of finishing that last sentence I was on Twitter searching for @Bostongirl1212. I needed something to fill the void. I ached for more of Edward and Bella's love, smut and angst. My hands were shaking and my nerves were jumpy. I needed a fix...a fanfic fix and I needed it bad.

Luckily, @Bostongirl1212 was twittering that night. I shot her a tweet begging for another fanfic! Just as a drug dealer gives his customers their fix, she obliged my need, sending me a link for Clipped Wings and Inked Armor by Hunterhunting@Bostongirl1212 was now my own personal Edward smut dealer.

It didn't take long for me realize that Clipped Wings and Inked Armor was going to take me beyond where ever I thought Wide Awake had taken me. This was a whole new kind of high! My relationship with Wide Awake would be like a young girl's first lover. There would always be a fondness and sentimental connection that would draw me to it for all my days. But it felt different with Clipped Wings and Inked Armor. I can't even find words to describe the WANT and NEED for this shit! (May @Bostongirl1212 be forever blessed with a lifetime of kitty pets for sending me the link for this fanfic! Hell, I'd give them to her myself if she lived in my state!)

For chicks like me that prefer my men on the edgy side, Hunterhunting gave us just that
in Clipped Wings and Inked Armor. In this fic Edward, or should I say Tattward, is covered in ink and has piercing from head to toe and EVERY WHERE in between. MY GAWD! The thought of Tattward with a tongue piercing alone was enough to make me need to change my panties but then she added a sexy Bella with a few secret piercing's if her own. She's suffering from a slight case Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) but discovers sex with Edward makes it feel all better. Hell, I think I feel a case of PTSD coming on myself...can you please send Tattward over to make it all better?

I must warn you Clipped Wings and Inked Armor is not for the faint of heart or the sexually prude! This fanfic is spicier than a Tijuana hooker! It is laced with porntastic goodness that leaves me needing a cigarette at the end of every chapter. Every time I read an update, I want to run out and get a new tatt or at least send the hubby out for one. Hunterhunting makes every character is this fic so freakin' hot I'd give my left nip to hop in the sack with any one of them, including the tatt covered, clit piercing Alice! Yep, that's what I said!

Since Clipped Wings and Inked Armor isn't a completed piece, I have to read other fanfics to get a fix in between the weekly updates. The fanfic I'm reading right now is a Rob and Kristen scenario which feeds the Robsten love (you can't deny that truth) I'm also addicted to. I won't elaborate on it yet because I am still reading it but as soon as I'm finished. I'll be sure to post all the juicy Rob and Kris lemony details!

And just because fate didn't think I wasn't strung out enough on fanfic, my personal fanfic smut advsior and fanfic dealer, @Bostongirl1212, has decided to write a fanfic of her very own. SQUEEELLL!!! She gave me an exclusive sneak peek and OMG! It's going to be AMAZING!! I'm already jonesin' for more. She isn't quite ready to post just yet but be assured I will be pimping the deets all over this blog when she does! You can watch for her at under penname bostongirl.

The "Unhealthy" Moral of the Story: If you aren't reading fanfic you're missing out on some really good shit! But just like "kitty pets and unicorns" you can't stop at just one! Read them and read them all, your hubby's will even thank you for it....mine sure does! hehehe!

**Thanks to Hunterhunting, US Mag, and @twilightforever22 for the pics. Other pics are from unknown sources if you know who they belong send me a comment so I can give credit where credit is due!


amanda said...

all the FF you posted are the BEST!! and cant wait For @bostingirl1212 FF too!! Thats my girl and i know its gonna be full with angst/lemons!!!

Jackie said...

Thank you for all the lovin! I heart you hard! I totally did not expect such an amazing post that would include my upcomming FF in it!! I will send Tattward your way any day for lots of kitty strokes with his pierced anaconda! LMAOO Thanks again luv u rock!! :)

Honolulu Girl said...

You must read The Submissive and The Dominant. Read The Submissive first at

Most people have read these two and let me warn you they are steamy. I am hooked too on fanfic and currently reading CWAIA. Love it. Thanks for posting!!

wants-an-edward86 said...

Loved the post...i'm on twitter too (linzzer220) and tweet about fics all the time--some of my friends know about it and some don't...they think i'm crazy ahah! I'm avoiding looking for a job (just grad. college and want to avoid the RW as long as possible) so i'm a serial reader...I agree WA and CW&IA are really great fics--The Submissive is def. one to look into. I'm really in love with Emancipation Proclamation -- that story is so good too--so many twists and turns and lots of lemony goodness :)

Anonymous said...

read The Office by TBY789 it will blooow ur mind it is amazing

Anonymous said...

I am giving CW&IA another chance...I'll let you know what I think when I'm done.

I agree with Anon, though - you must read The Office! It is AWESOME! I like the Sum and the Dom a lot, too, although I liked the Dom better.

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