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Always & Never: Edward Post Chapter 3 Interview

Oh damn, the shit hit the fan in this chapter! According to Bostongirl, Edward was in her office until late last night and he was pretty pissed, to say the least. She said they were talking things out (ok, so she was talking and he was yelling) and he just jumped up and stormed out. He wouldn’t even slow down long enough to tell her where in the hell he was going. B-girl’s pretty sure he must have turned his phone off after that because all of her calls went straight to voicemail. Sometime during the night or this morning he must have turned it back on though because I sent him a text this morning asking if he was going to come by the office, as scheduled, and this is what I got back from him:

“Fuck! If you really fucking think its fucking necessary to discuss this fucking bullshit you can meet me downtown near the fucking diner. I’m not in the mood to be in that fucking office again today. I spent enough fucking time there last night arguing with B-girl. But you better fucking hurry because I have to fucking be somewhere this morning.” -E

So, as you can see this post interview might be a little on the rough side today. Getting Edward to open up is a damn chore when he’s in a good mood. This is going to be like pulling teeth. I’m walking down the street looking for him now *looks back and forth up and down the street* but I'm not not seeing him. I hope he shows up. If that little mother f….oh, wait there he is, leaning against the wall in front of the flower shop. Damn, how does he always look so hot without even trying…be good Krysti... be good.

Krysti: Hey, Edward. You look like you just lost your best friend. Oh, whoops, sorry, bad analogy. Soooo… I heard things didn’t go quite as you planned last night? *steps back to get out of the way of people walking down the sidewalk* Don’t you think this would have been easier to talk about in the privacy of my office?

Edward: *narrows eyes furiously at Krysti* I don’t appreciate your little jokes. And if you don’t like this place then fuck it *shrugs* I can leave. *grabs cigarette’s takes one out and lights it*

Krysti: Calm down your sexy ass down, I’m just giving you shit! Seriously though, what went wrong, Edward? What caused the whole thing to fall apart? It seemed like everything was….um…moving in the right direction *glances quickly at his crotch*. Damn, from what I hear, the hanger door was open, the landing gear was down and all you had to do was slip right in. What the hell happened?

Edward: *follows Krysti’s eyes, shakes head * Look Krysti, I don’t wanna’ be a dick to you, but honestly what the fuck kind of question is that? Don’t you think I know I could have “landed that plane” but that would have been fucked up! Bella is a *winces* virgin and I didn’t fucking know... u-until …it was almost too late. *frowns brows, takes another drag of cigarette*

Krysti: You claim to be her best friend, right? How in the hell did you NOT know she was a virgin? “Best friends” talk about that sort of thing, don’t they? Edward, are you honestly going to say you didn’t have a clue about whether or now she had sex?

Edward: *takes last long drag of cigarette glaring at Krysti, flicks cigarette into the street* I didn’t fucking know. *Runs hand threw hair* I never fucking asked her, she never fucking told me. I-I knew about Jacob and how they… *swallows hard* how they messed around before, and I knew about a few guys she’s made out with. And fuck last night when she was fighting with Tanya, she even said something about “that doesn’t making her a virgin”…I guess I just fucking assumed- *mumbles* assumed wrong. *leans in closer to Krysti, puts hand on wall beside her head* I never fucking asked her because maybe a part of me didn’t fucking want to know all the gory details. Ok? *Pulls out lollipop, jerks the wrapper off and shoves it in mouth*

Krysti: Why didn’t you make Bella just stay and talk to you so you could explain it to her? Why did you let her leave with Alice?

Edward: *Rolls eyes* Are you fucking serious!? I did try to talk to her and it was making it worse! I even fucking chased her out the door. I know Bella and when she is done…she is DONE. What the fuck was I supposed to do? Hold her hostage?

Krysti: She’s going to be gone for, what, four weeks? Are you going to wait for her to come back before you try to explain it to her?

Edward: *looks at Krysti smirks sarcastically* C’mon Krys, Don’t you know me at all? Four fucking weeks, are you kidding? I try will get her to listen to me… somehow ….*eyes lock with Krysti’s* and soon. *eyes drop back to the ground, kicking rocks nervously*

Krysti: Ok, Edward. I’m not going to keep you because it’s obvious you’re not in the mood for this today. But you already agreed to answer a reader each week and we definitely can’t disappoint the readers. This weeks question is from Stoli. She’s our bestie and today is her birthday so B~girl said you better make it good. Her question is: “What would it take to get you to send her some songs to sleep by and some naked pictures…*winks*.” By the way, she said no offense towards Bella.

Edward: “Bgirl said that huh?” * smiles devilishly * “Fuck Krysti, I just can't come up with some fucking song just like tha-“ *pulls out phone quickly finds song, sends to krysti, chuckles* “There you Krys send her that fucking song from me ok?” *smirks*

Krysti: *looks at phone see’s the song Edward sent her shakes her head laughing* Thanks Edward, I know Stoli will appreciate that. I feel really bad for you right now. I can see how much this is hurting you. *places her hands on his outside of his arms* Just do whatever you need to do to fix this, ok? C’mere you look like you need a hug. I promise, I won’t try to squeeze your ass or touch your hair while I’m hugging you. *gives him a friendly hug but keeps both hands fisted to avoid temptation*

Edward: “Thanks Krys, that’s the fucking plan. Wish me luck, ok? …*starts to walk away, stops suddenly*…”Oh hey, Krys”, * digs in pocket, pulls out cinnamon lollipop, looks at it, eyes shoot to Krysti’s smirking* “Give this to Stoli *tosses lollipop to Krysti* *Krysti looks at Edward curiously* *Shrugs* “Something for her to practice on” * laughs, runs hand threw hair, walks away*

Honestly, that went better than I thought it would. As beautiful as he is...he can be a real pain in the ass when he wants to be. I know you're all anxious to see what happens in Chapter 4, right? What do you think is going to happen? Of course, since I'm the BETA BITCH, I already know what's going to happen (I know you're jealous) but I'm curious to see what you think!! See ya' after Chapter 4!



*Stoli_Princess* said...

*smiles* awww yall r the BEST!!!! ugh i love textward! as pissed as he is he still manages to send me some love 4 my bday!! i wanna squeeeze him, and love him, and well you know!! *wink* make sure you text him and tell him ill make sure to practice REAL good on him!!!

HungryVampire said...

O.k. I am curious why Edward isn't HONORED to be Bella's first... Geez... Of course, I can understand how he MIGHT want to go easy... slow down maybe... try to make it more special... *midas shrug* Perhaps we'll see him pull this mess back together!

@Krystih I'm impressed with your ability to calm Edward down AND keep control of your own urges. *smile* Great job with this interview.

@Stoli You must feel so special... Happy Birthday once more!!

bouncy72 said...

Lol that song, fits him just perfectly. Shit, Stoli you have no idea how jealous of you I am right now, lol. You got a song and a lollipop *grin* to practise with. I guess it is/was your birthday so... (Hehe, happy birthday bb)
I agree with HungryVampire, Krystih I have no idea how you kept control of your self. Loved the interview & the picture of Edward outside the flower shop. Did you snap that with your phone when you went to meet him *wink*?
I think he was genuinely trying to do the honorable thing by not having sex with her (lol, besides the fact he wasn't using protection) I think he thought they were both slightly drunk & he doesn't want anything to happen that she'll regret when she's sober. Maybe he thought He couldn't take his friends virginity, in a snap decision they made while drunk, the night before she goes away for a few months.
I hope He's not gonna get angry & have sex with any girl that looks at him twice. And hope she's not gonna be so pissed off she goes & loses her virginity to some loser in Arizoner. *Sigh* I can see alot more heart fail headed our way...
I think all us readers need a hug from Edward...uh I mean should GIVE Edward a hug...just to cheer him up of course.
Lol that's the end of my essay for now :P

Brina said...

I am not even sure what to say for a change................thinking...........................still thinking.......................thinkin some more...............OK, He needs to get his fingers busy on me,(*grins*) I mean, busy textin Bella telling her why he did what he did. I know he means well but maybe he doesn't know her as well as he thought he did. And he also has more feelings for her than he thought he did as well. Balls to the wall Edward, you best be fixes this shit quick before she ends up sleeping with Jake.

I love you guys. I can't wait for the next Chapter. And Krys, no need to rub it in that you already know that is going to happen. TEASE..*mwah*

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