Sunday, November 15, 2009

ALWAYS & NEVER: Chapter 5 Teaser

Agnst is a bitch! I know..I's a necessary evil when fanfic is involved. But damn, it's rough on the emotions. So, here's the cliff note's version of what's happened so far from both POV's

Bella: *Edward's hot*
Edward: *broods*
Bella: Sha lalalalalalalala ti da
Edward: Good song...let's text
Bella: Yay texts
Edward: We're besties
Bella: Yay, besties
Edward: I'll miss you when you're in AZ
Bella: Boo AZ
Edward: Let's party at the beach
Bella: Yay, party! Lots of tequila and lots of vodka
Edward: Lots of vodka, lots of smoking, too much Tanya
Bella: Fuck you,Tanya. Dance with me Jake, so I can grind on your dick and make Edward jealous
Jake: OK
Edward: I'm jealous
Bella: Good
Edward: I'm going to kiss you on the beach then take you to my house so we can get it on
Bella: Yay, let's get it on
Edward: Oh, you're sexy. Look at me while I...fuck why you crying?
Bella: Yay, I wanted you to be the first
Edward: Oh fuck
Bella: You're a dick
Edward: I'm sorry
Bella: You're a dick. I'm leaving
Edward: No stay
Bella: No, you're a dick
Alice: Edward, you're a dick
Edward: Fuck, I'm a dick. I'm going to Bella's to sneak into her house to watch her sleep. Then I'll leave her my hoody because she's leaving for AZ in the morning and I love her......and because I'm a dick. WTF? Why is Jake sending her messages in the middle of the night. He's a dick.

Ok, so that's where chapter 4 ended. That was seriously emo. Am I right? So, Edward leaves her the hoody. God, what I'd do to have that fucking hoody...but anyway, I know you are as anxious as I am to see what's coming next. Here's a little something from Chapter 5 to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Always & Never
Chapter 5

.....I bit my bottom lip and shook my head. I didn’t know how I was going to react to seeing Edward. I didn’t how I was going to say goodbye to him, especially after last night. And the thing that I feared the most, was Edward not showing up at all. I couldn’t even fathom how I was going to handle that... what do you think? DO you think Edward is going to show up or not? If he does, what do you think he'll say to her? Will she forgive him???? EEKS!! I can hardly stand it! Chapter 5 posts on Tuesday! Be watching for it!


HungryVampire said...

Awww come on! That's not even foreplay!

Can't wait to read more!!

bouncy72 said...

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I hope He shows up (being the pessimist I am though, I've got a feeling he's not going to *sigh*)
If he does show up I think she'll forgive him but it's going to be seriously fucking akward & they'll loose the close friendship, especially since Bella is so gonna fuck someone in AZ *bigger sigh* (like I said...pessimist much?)

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