Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Always & Never ~ Chapter 19 Edward Interview

B-girl just told me Edward was on his way in… we’ll see if he actually shows up this week. I really hope he doesn’t think he is going to waltz in here like everything’s just peachy. Like he didn’t stand me two chapters in a row. Like I didn’t wait around here for hours waiting for him to at least text me to tell me if he was coming or not.

I am going to tell him exactly what I think about his inconsiderate behavior. Just because he is really hot and a really, really, really good shoe shopper, that doesn’t mean he can just treat people like shit and getaway with it. I am going to give him a piece of my mind and it isn’t going to be pretty.

Edward: *walks in to the office with a wide grin* Hey Krys’. *winks* Did you miss me?

Krysti: *narrows eyes, purses lips…sighs* Yes!

Edward: *smirks, runs hands nervously through hair, adjusts self* So does that mean I get to keep my balls?

Krysti: *shrugs* I have no use for the balls… I’d be worried about the other piece if I were you *raises an eyebrow*. It’s much more…useful to me.

Edward: *evil grin* It’s only useful, Krys’…if it’s still attached.

Krysti: Hmmm, *grins*… maybe we’ll test that theory at this end of this interview…depending on how cooperative you are. I’m thinking you owe me some good stuff after standing me up two chapters in a row. I’m still upset with you over that, by the way.

Edward: *locks eyes with Krysti* Are you sure there isn’t something I can do to convince you to forgive me?

Krysti: *eyes shift to hair* Uh… no *voice cracks*

Edward: *slow grin spreads across his face* Alright, Krys, go ahead. Have at it. *leans head down*

Krysti: *breath hitches, fingers twitch* Uh…I…uh *hand jerks up but stops mid-air*…oh god…but…umm…I can’t…I just…at the end ok… if I do it now we’ll never, ever…ever get through the rest of this interview*takes a deep breath*…ever. *pushes chair backwards, grips edge of desk, stares down at floor*… at the end, ok? At the end! Oh god…j-just sit down!

Edward: *laughs, pushes hand through hair, shrugs* Ok, Krys’ if you say so.

Krysti: *shakes her head, gathering her thoughts* ok.. let’s just… uh…yeah so uh…what happened this week, again? Uh… uh…what’s her name? Bella… yeah Bella. You finally talked to her. *closes eyes tights collecting thoughts* Are you relieved to finally have all those secrets out in the open? *takes a deep breath, focusing*

Edward: *eyes her nervously, smirks* Are you sure you’re ok, Krys’? *laughs, takes a deep breath* I’m absolutely relieved. I feel like a thousand fucking weights have been lifted off my shoulders. I’m just glad that Bella gave me a chance to tell her everything. *grins* I think it turned out extremely well, don’t you?

Krysti: *smirks* yeah, I guess it’s good for you. Not so sure how good it will be for my shoe shopping but… *sighs* So, I guess Riley, while trying to be a dick really did you favor… in a round about sort of way, right?

Edward: *narrows eyes, clenches jaw and fists* I guess you could fucking say that *rolls eyes*. I am still going to deal with him because his only intention was to hurt Bella and that does not fucking fly with me.

Krysti: *holds up hand* Down tiger! *smiles* I know you probably don’t want to talk about this, but I have to ask. Do you ever think you’ll try to find out what happened to Victoria and the baby…just out of mere curiosity?

Edward: *frowns brow, purses lips, slowly shakes head* No, Krys’ that would just be too fucking hard. My father told me a while back that he heard the baby was doing well. I was glad to hear that.

Krysti: *nods* Well, just so you know, several of Bostongirl’s readers have generously offered their ovaries if you ever want to try the daddy thing again. *winks* But enough of that… on a lighter note… you sis a really good job keeping JMF at bay while you hashed all that out with Bella. How did you keep him in check that whole time?

Edward: *sighs heavily* I guess because JMF wasn’t around back then. That part was easy. And by the time we got talking about the night of the beach party it was less about sex, which is more his forte. He doesn’t really come around for all the feelings and shit unless it’s the physical kind *winks*

Krysti: *raises eyebrows * speaking of the physical kind…what was up with that whole “I’m ending this friendship… then that kiss? Wow, I must say that was pretty smooth move. *nods and laughs*

Edward: *smiles. Licks lips* It was pretty fucking amazing to finally kiss Bella like that. I’ve been wanting to do that for a really long time. It was a crap shoot though. It could have went either way after the shit I told her. I’m really glad it went in my favor though.

Krysti: *smiles at him* Yeah, I guess I’m happy that it went that way too. For your sake. So, what happens from here? What do you think your friends and family will think about you guys finally getting all this shit worked out?

Edward: *smiles* Alice and Emmett will be relived. They have been pressuring me to tell her for a really long time. They hated keeping this from her. But they knew how fucking hard it was for me to go through all that shit. They allowed me time to tell her myself. *runs hand through hair* My parents love Bella. They will be happy that we are finally together. The only thing that sucks though is I’m pretty fucking sure they won’t let her stay in my room anymore. *chuckles*

Krysti: *laughs* Yeah, the sleepovers are probably done! But it sounds like you have a really great family Edward. I hope you have some really great Christmas gifts in store for them. And me… what did buy me? Huh? I think jewelry is in order after standing me up like that.

Edward: *narrows eyes, cocks brow* Please, are you still mad about me standing you up? Whatever, Krys’ I know what B-Girl got you for Christmas last year. She said you’re into some guy with tattoo’s and piercings. Who the fuck is that guy anyway? Maybe he should be buying you presents*leans back in chair, folds arms over chest*

Krysti: *closes eyes, licks lips* Uh… I-I don’t think I know what you’re talking about. *evil grins* But now that you have a girlfriend, I guess I will need to find a new shoe shopping partner… so tattoos? Piercings? Hmmm? Could be interesting I guess. *shrugs*

Edward: *narrows eyes at Krys* Don’t fuck me with me Krys. Its been over a year now that I have known about this guy. I’m sure you’ve done plenty of shoe shopping with him as well. As far as me and Bella… *adjusts self* we’ll definitely be doing some shoe shopping soon.

Krysti: *smiles, shakes head* Well, again… I’m not sure who this tattoo’d man is you speak of but I have HEARD that shoe shopping with a couple strategically placed piercings can be rather enjoyable. Maybe you should try one. Bella might enjoy a Prince Edward… I mean Albert. *winks*

Edward *eyes widen in shock, hand covers crotch* You’re not talking about me piercing my… No fucking way, Krys’. My…? No fucking way! *cringes*

Krysti: *laughs* Oh c’mon… it would hurt so good! *winks, laughs hysterically* Well, I guess it’s not for everyone… but you never know… Bella might like a little sparkle on the peen.

Edward: *shakes head* No! Fuck no!

Krysti: Chicken! Ok, get over here and let touch that hair! *beckons him by slowly curling index finger*

Edward: *walks over to Krysti, starts leaning head down, stops, looks up locks eyes with Krysti* Are you sure it’s my hair you want to touch. Are you sure it’s good enough sinc my dick isn’t pierced and all? *smirks*

Krysti: *thrusts hands into his hair, fisting the locks tightly, jerks him closer* It’s good. Oh yeah… it’s so *pants*…so good. Oh god… What tatoo? What pierced dick? What… oh my god… *twists fingers in deeper*

Edward: *grabs Krysti’s wrists, stopping her* Oh…fuck Krys’ oww, oww, shit… Krysti it’s attached. Fuck! *backs away from Krysti rubbing scalp*

Krysti: *flashes a shy smirk* oops, sorry *giggles* well, I guess that’s all I need for today! What do you have planned for the rest of your night?

Edward: *shrugs* Heading over to B-Girls house. Her husbands our of town so she said she wants to get some writing done.

Krysti: Writing? At midnight? At her house…instead of her office? While her husband is out of town? Ok, if that’s your story! *shakes head, rolls eyes*

Edward: *smirks at Krysti, runs hands through hair* You’re so fucking pervy. You’ll see when you have something to beta in a few days. *turns and walks out of office*

Krysti: *reaches into bottom desk drawer, pulls out black and red Masen hoody. Clenches it to her chest, rubs it slowly against her cheek* I’m sorry Tattward. You know I love you…and you hair …and all your other… pierced parts.

Wow… that was a GREAT interview! *sighs* Yeah, yeah, I know… I’m such a sucker for the pretty. But believe me, you wouldn’t be able to deny it either!

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Bostongirl1212 said...


I said you could touch his hair not rip it out! Damn girl maybe you like JMF need some lessons on CONTROL LOL

Just so you know we are writing and you know Textward and I come up with some of our best stuff late at night....alone...w/o the DH home... Yes, we get some really great writing done then :)


Brina said...

WTFever!!! BGil os SO NOT writting wiht JMF at here pad with the DH out of town!!!!

Since I have had JMF "sucker" in my mouth & I have been with in TOUCHING reach of HHH I............ am so drunk off Jager (8sshots) i forgot where I was going with that....................................



luvtwilight72 said...

Well it's about time he showed up, just kidding!!! Thanks for the interview. I can't wait to see what he got Bella for Christmas!!!

Bouncy72 said...

LOL WTF Brina?

Um BGirl would this great writing happen to be getting done on a soft bed? *raises eyebrow*

Krys, hahaha I told you you should pull his hair. Was it soft? Did you have a few left between your fingers?

Oooo you got a Masen hoodie? Damn I SO wanted one of those ey.
Catch ya later :)

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