Saturday, October 3, 2009

An Unhealthy Addiction has New Affiliates

Welcome New Affiliates!

Most of you are more than aware of the fact that I am totally TECH FAIL and that I am basically just fumbling may way through the learning curve of blogging!

Imagine my surprise when a couple of KICKASS fansites asked me if I wanted to be an affiliate! Hell yeah, I want to be an affiliate...oh wait...shit...I don't know how to add affiliates to my blog page! WTF?? Being tech fail is such a pain in the ass.

But low and behold, a little trip down Google Lane and I figured it out. Hot damn!

Without further ado allow me to introduce my new affiliates:

Please go check them out, let them know how great their sites are and share the love by telling your friends!

The "Unhealthy" Moral of the Story: Even a no talent, tech fail blogger bitch like me can it make with good *friends on her side!

*Special thanks to my twitter BTFF's @Bostongirl1212 and @Eclipseisbest for pimping my blog to your mass followers. I heart you both and wish you many unicorns and kitty licks!


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