Friday, September 25, 2009

Spotlight: The Sexy Ladies of Twi Saga

There is such a huge following for the male hotties from Twi Saga. Get an eye full of any one of them and it's obvious why fangirls are ready to drop their panties at the mere mention of Rob, Kellan, Jackson, Taylor Peter or any one of the wolfpack.

But what about the sexy ladies? These are some sexy bitches in this saga! Am I right?

Kristen Stewart, who we all know as Bella Swan, is the hottest of all the female Twi babes. She is the kind of sexy that some (insecure) men may shy away from. She just oozes sexuality with a little "I don't give a f*ck!" sprinkled on one side and a little insecurity smeared on the other. She's the perfect mix and sweet and spicy.

In my, Robsten loving, opinion I think this is exactly the reason Rob is so infatuated with her. He totally digs a chick that can think for herself and her rockin' bod helps too, I'm sure. How could he resist her? She is total hot! Damn, I'm straight and married and still have a crush on her!

Ashley Greene is a close second when it comes to Twi Saga hotties with hoo-ha's. She is all about being the hot girl next door. Ya' know the type! They're the ones that the teenage boys try to spy on through a bedroom window or over the backyard fence and when she catches them she pretends not to see them while she seductively rubs lotion on her legs. Yep, you know exactly what I'm talking about!

This girl's sugary sweet! Sweet enough to give you cavities that is. The crazy thing about girls like Ashley is that they always appear to be a little shy and all smiley but they almost always have a hidden freaky side. I doubt any man out there would complain about it though. What is that Ludacris line?? Something about "a lady in the street but a freak in the bed"...mmm hmmm! If the opportunity (and a bottle of tequila) presented itself, I'd happily welcome a little "freak" show!

More sexy babes after the jump

Next on the list is Nikki Reed. Oh, Nikki..Nikki...Nikki! What can I say about Nikki? She really is a gorgeous girl. Not a single person out there can deny that. But why do so many people hate her?

So she "allegedly" dated Rob for a SHORT time and may or may not have tried to come between Rob and Kristen. I'm sure as hell not going to fault the girl for that. Rob's a sexy mother eff'er...and he had to get some from somewhere while he was waiting for Kristen to dump Oregano, right? That's just not enough reason to HATE her though.

I know she plays the part of Rosalie who is pretty much a bitch through all four books. But can we really blame Nikki for that. It's called acting people! I can't think of anything other reason to hate on her so I guess that settles it. We need to love her from now on. Yeah, yeah I know, good luck with that!  She IS total eyecandy and very do-able though so give the girl a break.

Last but not least of the sexy Twi gals is Mama Cullen. Liz Reaser is definitely a full on MILF! She had a really small roll in the Twilight movie but I'm sure we'll see more of her in the next three films. I for one am excited to get to know her a little better. (rawwr!)

I hate to admit this but I don't really remember seeing her in many movies before Twilight. I do remember her in The Family Stone. If you haven't seen it...GO RENT IT! Lucky for us, I think Twilight will help catapult her career. Wouldn't you just love to see her in some really sexy badass role showing a little skin? I think she could totally nail a part like that.

Lately, Liz has been wandering around Vancouver with papzi whore, Nikki Reed. (Oh yeah, that's another reason we hate Nikki, that pap whore thing! Can't believe I forgot about that.) Anyway, every time I see Liz I like her more and more. She always has this look of aloofness that says "Oh, this old thing?" but really looks like a sophisticated bomb shell in whatever she wears! She definitely leaves me panting for more!

Crazy Cougar Catherine (and her casting director) definitely did a great job choosing the sexy guys and gals in Twilight. There isn't a single actor I would consider replacing. All of them are uber sexy and dreamtastic! I can't wait to see all of them in New Moon...and Eclipse...and Breaking Dawn...part 1 and 2...if Scummit splits Breaking Dawn into 2 movies...yeah, get the point!

The "Unhealthy" Moral of the Story: These four sexy biotches have the sex appeal to make a straight woman go bi-try!


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