Wednesday, September 23, 2009 New Stoli Shirt Twitter Pound-a-thon!

Let's help with an all day Twitter Pound-a-thon. We all want to see Rob's sexy ass in that New Stoli Shirt, right? Exactly, so all day on Thursday, Sept 24 your tweets need to begin or end in #NewStoliShirt. The Music of Robert Pattinson - NEWS AND UPDATES
Yall, I am so freaking stoked to join arms with everyone in the Twitterverse for a #NewStoliShirt Pound-A-Thon! For those who aren’t familiar with pounding, basically what it means is a group of hotties, like yourself, begin or end every tweet with a certain subject. In the case of the #NewStoliShirt Pound-A-Thon that means beginning or ending every single tweet with #NewStoliShirt for the entire day Thursday, September 24. The goal is to “send the message” to Rob so that he obliges us and wears the shirt and gets papped in it for all of us to smile at! To achieve this goal, we hope to get #NewStoliShirt into the Trending Topics on Twitter and/or receive a tweet from @PeterFacinelli or @AshleyMGreene acknowledging our goal and granting us their help in sending the message.

If you think “this girl is nuts” I would tend to agree with you!
So why Thursday? Well, Sam Bradley, Rob’s BFF, is playing Victoria, BC on 9/24 and Vancouver, BC on 9/25. Rob is filming in Vancouver and there’s a 50/50 chance of him attending the concert. We’d LOVE LOVE LOVE for him to wear the new Stoli Shirt to the concert.

So please join in! Thursday, all day, every tweet. In the name of all that is Stoli, let’s get this bad boy worn!

Participating Pound-A-Thon fan sites:
Random Acts of Rob
Letters to Rob
Thinking of Rob
My TwiLife

If you’d like your fan site to participate by simply spreading the word and pounding, please email me to have your link included! MyRobertPattinson [at] gmail [dot] com

On a sad note, I must say the #NewStoliShirt adventure ends here. This is my one and only true rally for the New Stoli Shirt. If he doesn’t wear it by this weekend, I’m officially hanging up my hat as Stoli-Master. So let’s make this a weekend to remember! Thanks

One love, Jen

PS: The @StoliShirtBot will be picking the best 5 Stoli Shirt mentions at random every half hour and retweeting them to the Twitterverse
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