Monday, September 21, 2009

What's your Rob Fetish??

Fetish (fe'tish);  a form of sexual desire in which gratification depends to an abnormal degree on some object or obsession or item

So, what is yours? That is a rhetorical question...I don't really want to know so please don't leave it in the comments!

By definition a fetish is partly a sexual for those of us that are "Rob-ssesed"...yep, it's actually a Rob fetish! Who knew!?

But what happens when your "Rob-session" gets intertwined with another freaky fetish? The likelihood of convincing Rob to slip into some fantasy role for you? I'd say...slim to none. But that's where the very talented @RobsButtonsBabe comes in to save the day.

People send her tweet requests to see Rob in a slew of pic manipulations in their ideal "get up" or fantasy. Have you ever fantasized about Rob the pool boy or Rob the lifeguard? @RobsButtonsBabe can fulfill that fantasy...via pic version at least.

One twitter request was for Rob the Judge.
"Sentenced to a night of naughtiness!"

Another for Rob the naked Cowboy
"Yee-haw!! I'll definitely need more than 8 seconds!"

TAKE THE won't be sorry

What about Rob the barista?
"I'll take a double shot of Rob with whip cream on top, please?"

Rob the football player
"I'd be more than happy to tackle him and slap him on the ass afterwards!"

Rob the monkey man
"Plushophilia...not my thing but I hope he's naked under that costume"

Whether you're a Rob fetish freak or just a Rob fan that needs a laugh you can probably find what you're looking for by following @RobsButtonsBabe and @RobNipulations on Twitter. She is going to be starting her own blog keep an eye out for that too! After you check out her pics make sure you send her a little tweet thanking her for her hard work!

The "Unhealthy" Moral of the Story: It's a two-fer: First to @RobsButtonsBabe: You Rock! Second to the Rob-sessed: Our Rob-session may be shared but some of you are just total freaks!


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OMG This is Soooo Funny!

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