Thursday, October 15, 2009



Rob Porn
Owned & Created by Wideyezz

Congrats to Wideyezz!! This super hot video will be in the running against Rayneattwilight & Bostongirl1212 and csikat1 at the end of the week to see who will be An Unhealthy Addiction's SEXIEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME!


Here's today's TOP 3. These videos were submitted by followers or pulled from my persoanl fav's stash! They are sexy as a mutha' fucka'! Check 'em out and vote for the one you think is the SEXIEST FUCKHAWT VID!!! The winner of this round will move on for voting against Rayneattwilight and Bostongirl1212's Closer, CSIKAT1's SEX ON FIRE and Wideyezz's Rob Porn...along with the daily winner from the rest of the week. Who will have SEXIEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME? Go watch today's videos and vote for your favorite!

Beautiful Bastard
Owned & Created by LIMcommunity & 999Susie

If you read "The Office" by tby789 you know all about that conference room table scene...was it as good for you as it was for them?? I know it was damn good for me! Hell, I need a cigarette! The ripped La Perla panties and the white garters...HOT DAMN!! I want to work for the Cullens! They wouldn't even have to pay me as long as I got "fringe benefits" from that Beautiful Bastard!

You Found Me
Owned & Created by RobMasocist

Something about Rob in those baggy, low rise sweats makes me think about sliding them off his hips with my teeth? Admit it, you think about it too! It also might have something to do with the pre, during and post Robgasmic afterglow he has in some of those lying on the floor pics. Then because they didn't think our panties were drippy enough, we got some tux Rob. Reminds me of 007...Pattz, Rob Pattz...the man with the GOLDEN GUN and GOLDFINGER's...and...ummm...I feel a sparkly peen moment coming on!


Owned & Created by KerrieS89

Mercy is rightI Have mercy on us Robbie Baby! One man should not be that fucking sexy! I don't know how many more times I can see that lip biting with those fuck me eyes before I have to fly to Vancouver and jump his hot steamy body and run ny hands through that hair. The wet tshirt and the bad boy leather jacket make me all tingly in hot steamy places! Mmmmercy!!

Ok, now go to the comments section or tweet me @krystih to tell me which is your favorite. I still need vid's for tomorrow's voting so if you have THE SEXIEST VID OF ALL TIME...send me the link and you might see it up for voting later in the week!


Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Sorry I have to vote for #1 Cause I LOVE Beautiful Bastard in The Office.

MyGuiltyPleasure said...

Have to vote for #1 Beautiful Bastard!! Ummmm thats a sexy video!

bouncy72 said...

No hesitation. #1 all the way! I don't usually like videos where scene's are inserted with items or people that look like them, they usually look totally fake & just suceed in annoying me. BUT this was amazing, It flowed seemlessly & if you didn't know that they hadn't actually filmed those scenes you could totally believe that was BB & Bella. I am gonna rec this to as many people as possible. GREAT vid

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