Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Confessional

"Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been...uhhh.....A LONG FREAKIN' TIME 
since my last confession."

We all have skeletons in our closet and little secrets that we would probably rather die than confess to a priest or anyone for that matter!

But, yesterday I went to the Twitter boards asking them to "confess" their sins to "An Unhealthy Addiction". Tweeters were asked to fess up to their most "unhealthy addiction" and the craziest thing they have ever done because of their addiction.

Some of the things we found out about you had me ROTFLMAO (rolling on the floor laughing my ass case you live in a cave)...some of the others...well, lets just say I won't be shocked when I see your freaky asses on the news someday!

Here's a few of your answers:

Eclipsiesbest said: I'm addicted to watching shows on CW and HBO and have panic attacks if I miss or think I am going to miss one. The craziest thing I've ever done for my addiction is lie about being sick to get out of a prior engagement so I could watch my shows.                                                                                                               Unhealthy Absolution: Would they happen to be VAMPIRE shows that you're watching on CW and HBO?...hmmm..yeah...I'm thinking some sexy vamps might be the source of this addiction. Ok, you're forgiven because Eric, Stephen, Zach and all the others HOT!

Anonymous said: I'm addicted to cherry Chapstick. I've actually gone to the store at 3:00 a.m. because I couldn't find my cherry chapstick and my lips were dry and I couldn't stand to go another second without it.                                                                          Unhealthy Absolution: So, ummm...what were you doing at 3:00 am that made your lips dry? Are you sure your chapstick addiction isn't just a dry lip problem from friction related activities.  Ok, you're forgiven because I have a feeling your spreading great joy with your addiction...just be careful of rug burns on the knees.

Mrs_Robward said: I'm addicted to smut/porn fanfic and R'Pattz. Sadly, it's considered to be unhealthy for a woman my age! Craziest thing is, I HIDE it everyday from my family. I'm living a double life now. I don't like it but I have no plans to change it.                                                                                                          Unhealthy Absolution: There's an age limit on Rob porn that case...I'm only 19 years old...(plus 15 years)...shhh!  Ok, you're forgiven because Rob is a sexy muther...and nobody can resist Rob porn!

miztrezboo said: My addiction is reading FanFiction. I get lost in amazing worlds and get absolutely nothing done in the real world. I once made excuses not to go to a friend's birthday because I was lost in a multichap fic that I was about 10 chapters from finishing
Unhealthy Absolution: Oh hell, I'd lie to my sweet little grandma to get a Tattward fix. You're forgiven because Tattward is as vital as breathing

Bostongirl1212 said: I am addicted to Rob! I'm most embarrassed about.... my message tone on my cell phone is ROBS VOICE from a interview saying " Feel dirty bout it, feels like its wrong" and I have to remember every day to put my phone on silent at work so no one hears it. Also, my biggest fear is one day I run into Rob and I'll be trying to play it cool and it my cell phone will go off and he'll hear his voice saying that on my phone!!!                                                 Unhealthy Absolution: Robs "feel dirty" sound bite Ok, you're forgiven because Rob saying "feels dirty" is just fucking hot!

Amanda1104 said: I have two addictions. The first would def be my twi/rob addiction! My bffs have NO idea how bad it is and they have NO idea I twitter like crazy about him! The second is my addiction to FanFiction... eeek I can't get enough! I have called in sick to work (teacher) because I have been up reading fanfiction all night! I mean ALL NIGHT! I can't help it, some are so well written!!!
Unhealthy Absolution: When I think of a teacher reading steamy fanfic porn the first thing that pops into my mind is Van Halen's "I'm Hot for Teacher" that odd? Ok, you're forgiven because the Rob as a teacher fantasy you just induced in my brain was hot as hell!

All of the results were not posted, but trust me when I tell you that 98% of them had something to do with Rob, Twi Sage and/or fanfic.1% were SUPER personal and none of our Rob lovin' business and the other 1% were freaky as fuck and probably illegal in most states and I'm thinking forgiveness is going to be the least of your problems.

Probably 98% of the 98% that confessed to having an addiction to Rob Pattinson, Twi Saga and Fanfic said their addiction is a secret from the families and friends. They even keep their twittering a secret to help hide the Robsession and Twi-fandom...yeah I wouldn't know anything about that...I don't know anything about secret blogs either...just in case anyone I know happens to ask you.

The "Unhealthy" Moral of the Story: The results of this little confession survey lead me to believe that most of us are sneaky little pervs, with a major case OCRD (Obsessive Compulsive Robward Disorder) that's fed by fanfic smut. YAY!!! I'm not alone!
Thanks to all of my twitter buds that confessed their addictions. Thanks to Vampire Diaries Fansite for the Vampire Diaries pic, Hunterhunting for the Tattward pic and Rob-Nuipulations for the sexy naked Rob on the bed pic


Eclipseisbest said...

OMG LMAO This stuff is good Still got tears in my eyes! Funny!

wants-an-edward86 said...

OMG the Rob, "feel dirty" quote is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! God, I seriously could listen to that, allll. dayyyy. long!!! I tried figuring out how to make it my ringtone with no such luck :(

wants-an-edward86 said...

OMG i take it back!!!! I just made it as a ringtone!!! PRAISE JESUS!!! haha I sooo love this blog haha

Bridget said...

HA HA!!! Good to know that we aren't alone in our Robsessions! I actually keep Facebook open always as a cover. When he comes near, I flip it back to Facebook. He is always like WTH can you still be doing on that stupid site?!? He thinks I am addicted to those stupid games... Oh my!

Mrs. Robward said...

OK, so when I said I am aDICKted, its the truth. *sigh*

I look forward to Mondays b/c every1 in the house leaves & I can get my fix!

::goes to look for more Robward & p0rn::


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