Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vote for Sexiest ROB Video ROUND 2


Congratulations to Rayneattwilight and Bostongirl1212 (Shhh....YAY!! BESTIE!!!!!) This video will be submitted to the finals at the the end of the week! Thanks to everyone that voted via the comment section and to those of you that sent me tweets and DM's!


Here's today's TOP 3 videos for your viewing and voting pleasure. They were pulled from my "favorites" stash or submitted by followers. Check 'em out and vote for the one you think is the SEXIEST FUCKHAWT VID!!! The winner of this round will move on for voting against Rayneattwilight and Bostongirl1212 along with the rest of this weeks daily winners to see who has the SEXIEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME!

Robert Pattinson - Let's Burn

Owned & Created by MsDream023

Did you see the TONGUE PORN ROB...and the GREEN EYED ROB and......oh shit...*panting*...... WET ROB? I think I need a panty change after that one! As my good friend YogaNinjaMama would say "INSTA-WET"!

Robert Pattinson-Sex on Fire
Owned & Created by csikat1

Rob lying on the floor with KOL playing in the background is exactly what wet dreams are made of! Every sexy pic I've ever drooled over was in this vid...I might need a few moments alone with sparkly peen before we can move on!

Robert Pattinson-I Want Your Sex
Created & Owned by JOHANNABR and Jojo @Twilightish

Yes, yes, yes!! I DO WANT ROB'S SEX...and his tongue...and his finger...and lips and....holy mother...did you see the happy trail with the undies peeking out....HOT DAMN...ok...I need another minute alone...

Ok, now go to the comments section or tweet me @krystih to tell me which is your favorite. I still need vid's for tomorrow's voting so if you have THE SEXIEST VID OF ALL TIME...send me the link and you might see it up for voting later week!


Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

My vote is for the third one

sam said...

My vote is for the sex on fire vid phwoooarr

Amanda said...

EEEEK my vote is #2 SEX ON FIRE!!!! that was HOT!!!

wants-an-edward86 said...

def. the Sex on Fire :)

bouncy72 said...

I definately think the 3rd one, Robert Pattinson - I want your sex by JOHANNABR

Jackie said...

My vote is for SOF ... cuz Rob well he IS SOF YUMMIE!

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