Friday, October 16, 2009

Sexiest Video Round 5


Beautiful Bastard
Owned & Created by LIMcommunity & 999Susie

Congrats to 999Susie and LIMcommunity!! This super hot video will be in the running against Rayneattwilight & Bostongirl1212,  csikat1 and Wideyezz at the end of the week to see who will be An Unhealthy Addiction's SEXIEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME!


Here's today's TOP 3. These videos were submitted by followers or pulled from my persoanl fav's stash! They are sexy as a mug! Check 'em out and vote for the one you think is the SEXIEST FUCKHAWT VID!!! The winner of this round will move on for voting against Rayneattwilight and Bostongirl1212's Closer, CSIKAT1's Sex on Fire, Wideyezz's Rob Porn and 999Susie's Beautiful Bastard. Who will have SEXIEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME? Go watch today's videos and vote for your favorite!

Let's Get Sexy Robert ~Breathe on Me
Owned & Created by LIMcommunity

The opening alone was enough to make me break out in a sweat. The treasure trail that goes alllll the way down to those pants that sit soooo low on his hips. Damn I want to lick those hip bones. MMMMM!!! Just another couple of centimeters and we would have full view of the goody package. I would even rock a mullet to do just one of those make out scenes with his fine ass. GRRRR!!

Robert Pattinson ~ Give it to me Right!
Owned & Created by Emisroad

I never wanted to be Tyra Banks before now! Lucky fuckin' bitch! The pictures in this vid are hot as a mutha' but I do have to disagree with the song...WTF is up with "give it to me right or don't give it to me at all" OH HELL NO...when it comes to ROB I'm saying give it to me right, give it to me wrong, give it to me side ways, give it to me on top, on bottom, hell he can even give it to me in a Burger King bathroom for all I care. JUST GIVE IT TO I right??

Gimme More
Owned & Created by ToxicExistance

He's Robert Pattinson, bitch! Which translates to RECOGNIZE THE SEXY, WHORES!
The close up neck and lip porn in this vid may or may not have pushed me over the edge and convinced me to make out with my laptop screen, just sayin'. THEN Rob says "Does anyone ask me how it feels to be the most beautiful guy in the world? Ask me how it feels!" OMFG...Rob saying "ASKING ME HOW IT FEELS" gave me an instant ROBGASM...*panitng*.....Enough said!

Ok, now go vote for your favorite by posting a comment below or tweeting me @krystih. Thanks to all of you that are sending me twitter DM's. It helps keep the suspense because no one can see who's in the lead. Don't forget to vote for your favorite so they can go up against the winners from the beginning of the week for the title of "An Unhelathy Addictions Sexiest Video of all Time!


bouncy72 said...

Definatly Gimme More by ToxicExistance the 3rd video was my fav...phew

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