Wednesday, October 14, 2009



Robert Pattinson-Sex on Fire
Owned & Created by csikat1

Congrats to csikat1!! This super hot video will be in the running against Rayneattwilight and Bostongirl1212 at the end of the week to see who will be An Unhealthy Addiction's SEXIEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME!


Here's today's TOP 3. All of these videos were submitted by followers and believe me, they're all panty droppers! Check 'em out and vote for the one you think is the SEXIEST FUCKHAWT VID!!! The winner of this round will move on for voting against Rayneattwilight and Bostongirl1212's Closer and CSIKAT1's SEX ON FIRE along with the daily winner from the rest of the week. Who will have SEXIEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME? Go watch and vote

Robert Pattinson-Sweetest Sin
Owned & Created by legacy62cullen

 "No, hubby, of coures I'm not fantasizing about someone else...I'm just closing my eyes to concentrate on how good you are.....(and to think about that fuckhawt ROB vid that has the happy trail pic with the peek-a-boo man panties, and the pic of him on his hands and knees with his mutha freakin' belt unbuckled and that...oh yeah...SEXY open shirt with the LOW rise pants...mmmm...mmmm....yeah its SO good!"

Robert Pattinson Porn
Owned & Created by Wideyezz

I'll run my hands through the happy trail, caress the jaw, kiss the mouth...lick the lips, pucker and possibilities. can say that again! Save a Volvo ride a a whole new meaning the the phrase "rode hard and put away wet!" I want to follow the path of ecstacy to the man bits and be DAZZLED by the ass candy. He can even tie me up in SEXPENDER HEAVEN.
"Look into MY eyes, ROB made me forget that I have a job, kids and a husband"

Robert Pattinson - Sexy Back
Owned & Created by Juanna8D

"Dirty see these shackles baby, I'm your slaaave. I'll let you whip me if I misbehaaaave. It's just that no one make me feel this waaaay. Rob's brining sexy back because he's a hot, hot, sexy man and I'd be his S&M plaything any day of the week and twice on Sunday. GRRRR!! The things I'd do to that boy!

Ok, now go to the comments section or tweet me @krystih to tell me which is your favorite. I still need vid's for tomorrow's voting so if you have THE SEXIEST VID OF ALL TIME...send me the link and you might see it up for voting later in the week!


Mrs. Robward said...

I saw the 2nd one, *gulp*

Mrs. Robward

Nina :-) said...

I vote for #1 sweetest sin by legacy62cullen ;-)

Amanda said...

OMG this is getting harder and harder! *no pun intended! lmaoo but im gonna have to go with video 2!! Mmmm at the ROBWARD vids!! UGHH FML how am i gonna vote on the final!!!

Laura Short-Bacher said...

Too much sexy overload!

sam said...

This is getting so difficult! My vote goes to the second vid though

bouncy72 said...

yikes it really is getting harder. *grin*
The Robert Pattinson porn vid was so f**king funny with the comments, I was chuckling the whole 10 mins.
The sweetest sin might have been a tiny bit more sexy, but because some of the images were blurry I think my final vote will have to go to the 2nd vid, Robert Pattinson porn :)

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